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2016 Submissions

Not like the others Brit Pop Song

2014 Submissions

Moises D Classic Rock Song
Bluesy Woman Blues Song
Sleeping is time travel General Rock Song
Susanne D General Rock Song
Tritus - Susanne D General Rock Song

2012 Submissions

cos nowego + cos Miscellaneous Song
Ksi%u0119%u017Cyc Comedy Song
ASTIK - One Day (rock) Punk Song
(rock) Astik- Paid Love General Rock Song
Night of sense General Rock Song
Astik - The Drummer SUX Punk Song
Astik - One Day Punk Song
Horror - Tritus Miscellaneous Song
The DrummerSUX! Punk Song
Yabadabadooo Ambient Song
Attic solo Ambient Song
Tritus - Waves Ambient Song
Jungle - Tritus Miscellaneous Song
West Bartender Blues Song
As a Knight 2 Miscellaneous Song
Goshalove Miscellaneous Song
As a knight Miscellaneous Song
Dark_Dreams Miscellaneous Song
Obscure water Miscellaneous Song
Spooky Ambient Ambient Song
LTD Premium 2 General Rock Song
Head Dash General Rock Song